14th May 2017
Review about Casey Chiropractic
I cannot say enough about Dr. Casey and his staff. As a person who has worked in the medical field, and has dealt with numerous places personally, I would like to recommend and commend Dr. Casey of Casey chiropractic in Colchester CT. He is warm, sincere, and his business is smooth flowing and inviting. I have had mostly bad experiences with medical dwellings, and had pretty much given up on seeking help due to being brushed off, treated unfairly rude, and doctors just not helping me at all. I was feeling hopeless until my friend that works there told me to come in. I reluctantly did, and could not be happier that I was pointed into this direction! Do yourself a favor if you struggle with neck or back pain, make an appointment immediately! Thank you Dr Casey and staff, for restoring my faith that some do in fact care.